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Directing candidates to “” for a job fair “pre-application” increases the likelihood of quality attendance. JOBSPIPELINE works!

JOBSPIPELINE® is a proven, ATS-compatible, online application method that significantly improves the experience and results for both Employers and Job Candidates. As shared by our Success Stories, its flexibility and multimedia adaptability make it a valuable addition to almost any employee recruitment program.


Advantages of using JOBSPIPELINE® to drive Online Applications: 


  • A more reliable method which increases both quality of response and number of completed applications.
  • Eliminates common “opt out” points of frustration for applicants. 
  • ATS-compatible with multimedia adaptability.
  • Isolates career opportunities from those of competitors.
  • Increased accuracy of Response Tracking for designated candidate groups.
  • Heightens candidate engagement during the application process.
  • Shortens hiring cycles, saves money, and reduces staff workload.


Put JOBSPIPELINE® to work for YOU today! 

To learn more about implementation strategies and budget-friendly JOBSPIPELINE® Posting Packages, email your request to Shana Reinhart. Or call Shana at 281-242-4473 ext. 102.  Remember to ask about our special Quarterly and Multi-Market discount pricing.



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