Make it easier for your applicants to respond

  • Do you have a hard to spell domain?
  • Are your job descriptions buried deeply within your applicant tracking system?

JOBSPIPELINE is a proven, ATS-compatible, online application method that significantly improves the experience and results for both Employers and Job Candidates. Its flexibility and multimedia adaptability make it a valuable addition to almost any employee recruitment program.

Common Causes of Online Application Frustration

  • Tracking campaign response is often difficult, sometimes impossible, depending on the employer’s in-house IT situation and/or corporate website security protocols
  • Candidates don’t know correct spelling of employer’s name
  • A URL address that is too long or too confusing to be easily remembered: com/careers/project managers
  • A convoluted application process that leads frustrated candidates to drop out of the system

Advantages of using JOBSPIPELINE® to drive Online Applications

  • A more reliable method which increases both quality of response and number of completed applications.
  • Eliminates common “opt out” points of frustration for applicants.
  • ATS-compatible with multimedia adaptability.
  • Your JOBSPIPELINE® link can be inserted into a variety of media resources from social media to broadcast to digital to job postings
  • Isolates career opportunities from those of competitors. Why send candidates to an entire job board when you can narrow response to one link?
  • Increased accuracy of Response Tracking for designated candidate groups.
  • Heightens candidate engagement during the application process.
  • Shortens hiring cycles, saves money, and reduces staff workload.

Put JOBSPIPELINE® to work for YOU today!

mitton_media_logo-250JOBSPIPELINE® is one of the advanced recruitment services provided by Mitton Media, a nationally recognized recruitment agency specializing in multi-channel employee recruitment advertising and brand building programs. For more information, send a request to